Jan. 17th, 2019

 Things Left Unsaid

They were once teenage friends together. Now back in each other's presence for the first time in ten years, the carefully guarded secrets of the past threaten to rise to the surface and destroy their fragile attempts at reconnecting.

Elle never wanted to go back to her hometown and face her demons, but her fiance's family insisted that a destination wedding at the place where they first met would be romantic. In fact, her fiance's family is insisting on a lot of things that Elle wishes they would leave alone. She desperately wants to marry Travis, but she fears if the truth about her ever becomes known he and his affluent family will drop her like a hot potato.

Tucker spent years chasing everything he thought might make him happy - specifically women, thrilling adventures, and alcohol. Awash with guilt and emptiness, he eventually found Jesus, and even though he feels unworthy he seeks to serve Him faithfully. Still, returning to the place of his sister's tragic death and facing his old friends feels like it might be more than he can handle. 

Lyndie is a successful but emotionally unavailable songwriter. She really wishes she had said no when Elle asked her to be her maid of honor, especially since the wedding falls on the same week as the ten-year anniversary of Tucker's sister's death. Her carefully guarded heart is in danger of being exposed unless she doubles down on her facade.

Each harboring guilt and shame, these three return to the site of their best memories and deepest regrets. I thought Courtney Walsh did a great job bringing each character to life, drawing a complex and hopeful story out of this web of secrets. Some of the things the characters are harboring are fairly easy to guess, but others caught me by surprise when they were revealed. Truth and hope and forgiveness are waiting to shine through - but only after the bravery of speaking the things that have been left unsaid in their lives. 



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