Jan. 15th, 2019

Christian Fiction:

Pepper Basham  Pepper Basham - I read two of her quirky Appalachian contemporary stories, but would also love to check out her historical fiction sometime.

Morgan L. Busse - The first of her Ravenwood Saga books was intriguing. She also writes steampunk!

Lindsay Harrel - If you're looking for something new in the thought-provoking contemporary category, be sure to check out her stories.

Rachel McMillan - Historical mysteries with unique characters seem to be Rachel's forte.

Sarah Loudin Thomas - I came across her novella in The Heirloom collection and would definitely be interested in reading more from her.


Almost Already Jonathan Tony - Humorous real talk about real life issues.

Joy Beth Smith - Singleness is no one's favorite topic, but she hits a home run with her debut book.


Lovelace Maud Hart Lovelace - I know, I know! How is it possible that someone who loves early 20th century literature had never read Maud Hart Lovelace until 2018? We are definitely going to be remedying that.

Eleanor Porter - Similar to Lovelace, somehow I had missed Porter's works when I was growing up.

Leo Tolstoy - I skipped his ambitious titles and went for one of his short stories, but I'll gladly take the reading credit.

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Where the Fire Falls
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Olivia Rutherford has done everything in her power to shed the past and her old identity. She's changed her hair, her style, and her name. She has assumed a socialite persona and is trying to move in the right circles to allow her art career to take off. No one must ever truly get to know her. Her hard work might be beginning to pay off, but then she's commissioned to capture artwork for the one place she believes she must wholeheartedly avoid: Yosemite National Park.

Despite her protestations, her manager Frank insists that this Yosemite gig will set her on a fast track towards success and fame. While all Olivia really wants is to find a way to provide for the needs of herself and her teenage sisters, she feels like she has no choice but to follow through on the opportunity.

Having spent nearly three years trying to recover from the gossip that forced him to leave the ministry, Clark Johnson loves his work as a trail guide. He might not have a congregation, but he still communes with God every day through His beautiful creation. When he's tasked with escorting an artist who looks like nothing more than a shallow flapper and a small entourage of her friends, Clark realizes he's going to need all his faith and plenty of patience to put up with the citified group.

As we all know, the past often refuses to stay buried, especially if you're treading on familiar paths. Olivia comes to recognize the call of real beauty, real authenticity as she explores the grandeur of Yosemite. She's never been in more danger of being exposed, and quickly realizes that more than financial harm may come her way if her secret becomes known.

I enjoyed everything about this book. It's set in 1929 at a beautiful location, so it's got all the right points for this reader. I loved Clark's sustaining faith despite his own questions, and Olivia's strength in the midst of her brokenness had me cheering for her right away. This book has compelling characters, a fair amount of action, and a mystery that will keep you guessing. I'd recommend it for all historical fiction fans.

Check out the video below for a view of the natural Firefall at Yosemite, or click here if you're interested in purchasing this book.



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