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"Who I Am With You" by Robin Lee Hatcher

Jessica Mason's world was turned upside down in the span of a few weeks. First her husband told her he wanted a divorce, then he and their 6-year-old daughter died in a car accident. A positive pregnancy test only complicated matters. She never had a chance to tell anyone about her husband's unfaithfulness, and now it's a burden that grows heavier with each month that passes.

Trying to escape a political scandal for which he took the blame, Ridley Chesterfield finds himself nearly off the grid in rural Idaho. Fixing up his parents' vacation home gives him a perfect excuse to hide from the world for a while. Ridley did not anticipate making any friends in the small town of Hope Springs, but he can't help but he drawn to his pretty and very pregnant neighbor.

Both weighed down by secrets, both with few reasons to trust others, both trying to find out what God is doing in their lives - I may not have found myself in their exact scenarios, but I am familiar with similar situations and emotions. I really appreciated how the author wove authentic hurt with the hope of healing and of seeing God work even in the midst of tragedies.

Mixed along with the contemporary setting of Jessica and Ridley's story is that of her great-grandfather Andrew Henning, whose Bible Jessica recently inherited. Brief scenes of his life during the Depression add another element to the plot, reminding us that the problems we may face today are not so different from the ones faced throughout time.

This character-driven book deals with deep emotions and spiritual truths which will touch your heart. I had a very hard time putting this story down, and felt a kinship with the uncertainties the characters were going through. We don't know how things will play out. We all need God's healing and help from one another. Robin Lee Hatcher reminds us that with God all our futures are full of hope, no matter what heartaches lie in our pasts.

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